Smithfield Works’ First Member

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A couple of weeks ago, we were delighted to welcome our first member into Smithfield Works. Likewise, our first member was delighted to finally be in the space, so she’s written us a short blog.


Tell us about yourself. What line of work are you in? 

I’m a Senior Marketing Specialist for a global consulting business, so this ranges from anything internal audit related, business transformation, future of work to cyber security and technology-related challenges. 

I’ve just relocated back to Stoke after 11 years in London, following having a baby and rejoining working life. Post-pandemic, it made sense to come back. After working remotely for the last however long, this became more of a reality rather than pipe dream years in the future.


Why did you choose Smithfield Works?

I was previously working from the office above the Mitchell Arts Centre across the road and a friend highlighted to me that the Smithfield Works space would soon be available… so I jumped at it. I think it was one of the top ten most keen moments of my life actually.


How easy was it to sign up to Smithfield Works?

Super simple! Within 5 minutes, I signed up online and could use the space. 


What was your first impression when you walked through the door at Smithfield Works? Is it a pleasant environment to work in?

It’s a great environment to work in. After relocating back to Stoke from London, the Smithfield Works office has more of the office feel that I’m used to, with all of the facilities that you’d expect.

Showers, break out spaces, a kitchen area and plenty of greenery – what more do you want?


What’s your favourite feature of Smithfield Works?

I spend a lot of my day in and out of the Zoom pods so I suppose that’s the most useful feature that I’ve found! On a practical level though, it’s just really nice to have access to kitchen facilities and showers.


Would you recommend Smithfield Works to others? If so, why?

Yes, I would. With it only just opening, there’s only a few of us at the moment and it’s nice to feel a sense of community – it’s a great space with numerous areas so I would highly recommend it. 


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