Introducing our newest Smithfield Works occupier Care Systems UK LTD

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We wanted to place a spotlight on Care Systems UK LTD, one of our occupiers here at Smithfield Works, highlighting the great work they do within the Information Technology industry, and within our local community. We are delighted that the company has chosen Smithfield Works to place their roots, utilising our flexible workspaces and many of the other beneficial features that our offices provide. Read on to learn a little more about Care Systems UK…

What is their mission and when did they start operating?

Founded by their CEO, Dr Anura DeSilva, Care Systems UK LTD is a subsidiary of Care Systems Inc, which has been operating in the USA since its inception in 2003. Since, the company has expanded and solidified its services in the UK, Middle East and South Asia over the past 20 years.

Their initial mission was to provide simple, yet effective market-leading workforce management solutions to multiple industries, including nursing, local governments, law enforcement, and emergency dispatch.

What services do Care Systems UK offer?

The company prides themselves on being experts in the field of Workforce Optimisation. Care Systems UK provides cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions which include staff e-Rostering, time and attendance, and business analytics, covering establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes, police departments, correctional facilities, and even airports! In addition to providing software solutions, they also perform staffing analyses/workforce studies.

How are Care Systems UK impacting the current market?

What sets the company above larger providers is Care System UK’s single, highly adaptable system with unparalleled configurability, which allows them to use one system across any sector. This level of easy adaptability is uncommon; it enables them to rapidly set up the system exactly to the needs of their clients at organisational, departmental, unit, and individual employee levels – irrespective of the industry.

What is their goal for 2023?

Care Systems UK – being a US company – is aiming to secure at least two new contracts in the UK and continues to expand their services in the United Kingdom.

The company has already saved close to £2 million for NHS hospitals in the UK and has also guaranteed ROIs to their clients under two years from the contract start date.

What is the work culture like at Care Systems UK?

Care Systems UK exercises ultimate integrity in being frank and open, whether it be matters relating to client projects, financial dealings, hiring, office place treatment of employees, or any other business or personnel matters. They also impose timelines on themselves, even when their clients or partners do not due to internal constraints and are radically honest with all their clients and partners.

In what way does Care Systems UK support the local community, and why is this important to them?

Care Systems UK has always been committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. They actively eliminate all forms of discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and age in order to maintain a healthy work environment with equal opportunities for all their staff. Care Systems UK continuously strives to create an environment representative of, and responsive to, the communities in which it works, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed in their work and access services.

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What made you choose Smithfield Works (and Stoke-on-Trent) as the location for the business to start/grow?

Care Systems found Smithfield works office to be a one-stop shop. It had everything we were looking for like a clean new building at a prime location close to the city centre, it has the latest infrastructure with high-end security/CCTV cameras etc. Another reason was that the rent we pay covers all utility bills etc. This saves us time doing administrative work and focus on our business.

Smithfield also promotes helping local businesses which is another reason we choose this place. From the day we contacted Smithfield their community manager Ms Teece answered all our queries and explained/showcased the building and the benefits it can offer to our requirements. So, we did not have to look elsewhere.