Why you should relocate your business to Stoke

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With its unrivalled connectivity, strategic location and thriving cultural and digital scene, there’s no time better than the present to work in Stoke-on-Trent.
Thinking of making the move? In this piece, we’ll be explaining exactly why relocating your business to Stoke makes perfect sense – commercially, geographically and for your employees’ quality of life.


The Potteries boasts a location unlike any other, and the transport infrastructure to support it (as we’ve covered in a previous blog). From comprehensive bus routes to a train station serving the whole UK, getting around couldn’t be more seamless – meaning that should you relocate your business to Stoke, your employees would have no problem navigating the Six Towns. Furthermore, Stoke City Council have pledged to invest heavily in the city’s roads in the coming years, recently announcing that they’ll be spending £10.7m on road networks in this financial year alone.

This bodes well for commuters, who benefit from the region being located at the centre of an important north/south, east/west gateway. Access to both the wider area and the rest of the UK couldn’t be more effortless, with Stoke-on-Trent being an equal distance between Manchester and Birmingham, and the M6, M6 toll and the M1 via the M42 all on Stoke’s doorstep. There are also three airports all within an hour’s drive (Manchester, Birmingham & East Midlands) and you can be in London in 90 minutes on the train, with two trains every hour. Relocating your business to Stoke needn’t mean sacrificing on ease of access.


Similarly, the city’s digital infrastructure is a huge reason to relocate your company to Stoke – the Government recently launched Gigabit full-fibre broadband to residents and businesses in the city and surrounding areas, boosting internet speeds significantly. Stoke-on-Trent City Council plans to extend full-fibre Gigabit connectivity to the Ceramic Valley Enterprise Zone, 1 of 26 Enterprise Zones in the country.

Stoke’s economic growth in recent years doesn’t seem to be slowing down – especially since the advent of this recent connectivity, catalysing the city’s growth and prosperity further. An unrivalled digital network is one of many reasons why multinational giants such as Bet365 and Vodafone have chosen to relocate to Stoke.

Stoke is also striving to become a sustainable, smart city, developing its infrastructure and energy output. The city’s new partnership with the Swedish city of Helsingborg is intended to enable both destinations to work together on developing more efficient energy systems for the future.


Crucially, Stoke-on-Trent isn’t just home to great transport and tech infrastructure. Should you relocate your business to Stoke, you’d be calling a vibrant, exciting new city your home, with incredible culture and amenities at your fingertips. Stoke-on-Trent submitted a bid this year for UK City of Culture 2021, and it’s not difficult to see why it was a serious contender – from Bottlesmoke Film Festival to the Big Feast, there’s always an exciting, artistic event taking place in the Six Towns.

Additionally, Stoke is right on the doorstep of the Peak district, so getting that all-important fresh air couldn’t be easier. Check out our blog on the best days out around Stoke-on-Trent to learn more about why Staffordshire provides a truly exceptional quality of life.

Ready to take the leap?

Considering relocating your business to Stoke? With ever-increasing economic wealth, superfast broadband speeds, brilliant transport solutions and so much more, the timing couldn’t be better. What’s more, with Smithfield’s region-first build to rent apartments due for completion soon, you’ll have the perfect place to live to top it all off.

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