The Hilton Garden Inn provides a 140-bedroom hotel facility, as a Hilton Garden Inn ‘Brand-Standard’ with ground floor restaurant and reception. The hotel also provides a first floor meeting & event space.

The key goals achieved by the development includes:

High standards, in energy conservation and measures to reduce overall energy demands

Rigorous targets to minimise water consumption particularly within the Hotel

Use of Low & Zero Carbon Technologies to reduce the carbon emissions onsite.

For the Hotel development the Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies being considered, include;

Photovoltaic panels on the roof (utilising maximum available space)

Combined Heating & Power plant

Air source heat pumps with heat recovery

Ability to connect in the future, to district heating, when available within the locality.

The selection of the technologies will be selected based on their life-cycle appropriateness, demonstrated as the design develops; and ensuring the BREEAM requirements are not compromised.

Environmental goals as evidenced within the BREEAM Pre-assessment, which achieves a Very Good benchmark.

A BREEAM Very Good rating equates to a score of 55% or more; the Hotel achieves this standard in line with planning requirements.


Area schedule

Guest Rooms Floors Quantity Total sqm
Typical Guestroom 2-7 133 3112.2
Typical Accessible Guestroom 2-7 7 238.7
King room area 23.4 87
Twin room area 23.4 46
Accessible room area 34.1 7
Subtotal Guest Room 140 3351